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    July Week 1

    Have you ever searched through your art supplies and found something you’d forgotten about? That’s how I came back to using Dylusion Spray Inks used with my prompt for this week’s Summer Challenge. I was searching for some India Ink for a doodling project and found the spray inks hiding in my “ink bin.” Perfect for my prompt this week – Summer Sunsets! What I love about these spray inks is one of the same things I don’t love about them. They’re MESSY! That’s both fun and aggravating at the same time. If you’re a person who likes a clean work area, do yourself a favor and use a large…

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    June Day 10!

    Paint Your Pet Today’s prompt is inspired by two things, my 100 day project and a whimsical memory. First the memory. My daughter notices dogs no matter where we go, and because of that we always see dogs when we’re together. We usually pick a “favorite” from the day. So far one of my all-time favorites was a white poodle who had been dyed bright neon pink. She was sporting her various shades of pink with pride. I loved it! (I’m sure it has nothing to do with my purple hair.) My second inspiration is this year’s 100 Day Project. Some of you may have noticed that Tami and I…

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    June Day 2

    Prompt: How Does Your Garden Grow? I’m a fair weather gardener at best. The dreamer in me imagines flower beds spilling into meandering trails around my back yard. I see lush green vegetable beds surrounding my deck. The reality is I have three healthy heirloom tomato plants, healthy because they were started by a friend who’s a master gardener, and a few containers of Gerber daisies on the deck. Beamer and Comet (my star dogs) have made lots of meandering paths along the back yard, but no flower bed borders. In fact we’ve discovered that Beamer loves to eat plant shoots and flowers. The herbs that I nursed from seedlings…

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    Day 5 Prompt: Wings

    Today’s prompt is wings. Paint, draw or find pictures of wings that inspire you. When I was a little girl, I wanted to fly. I suppose that’s not unusual in itself, but I was convinced that I would wake up one morning with wings. I’d secretly check each day to see if they had started to grow. As a teen I discarded my childhood fantasies and tucked those imaginary wings away into my closet with other impractical dreams. Will I ever fly with actual, physical wings? Probably not. But can I fly on the wings of my imagination? You better believe it! Creating gives me the sense of soaring beyond…

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    Day 3 Prompt: Play with Purple

    I guess it’s not surprising to hear that purple is one of my favorite colors. Perhaps my hair color gives me away? I’ve met a few people who don’t enjoy purple, but I’ve loved it since I can remember colors. Today is about playing with purple and layering color on top of colors. I tried my best to just use one color, but ended up adding turquoise and I have to say it’s hard to argue against the resulting combination for me. What can you find that’s purple? Tami and I look forward to seeing what you create today. I hope you’ll share. At the very least, please leave a…

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    February Wallpaper

    I know some of you don’t love pink….and don’t love hearts around this time of year…BUT I just had to share this wallpaper. It’s to remind you of something very special. Click on the image to download and use it on your phone if you’d like. It’s my lock screen on my phone and it makes me smile. I hope you smile today! Did I mention that February’s Ten Day Choose Art Challenge begins today? Tami from Choose Joy Studio is kicking us off with a great prompt today! There’s still time to join. This month we’ve added a private Facebook group to help find the prompts and share your…

  • Everyday Life

    Day 9: Making Mandalas

    I was re-introduced to mandalas during a free online course Kathryn Costa offered in December. She also has a great book, The Mandala Guidebook: How to draw, paint and color expressive mandala art that I was lucky enough to get over the holidays. I’m in love! Over the last few weeks, I’ve been following the book and making at least one mandala a day. Each time I create one I think it’s my favorite…and then I do the next one, which becomes my favorite. The grid mandalas made with a compass and protractor are my current favorites. Creating the patterns appeals to my inner techie while adding the details and…

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    Day 7: Beautiful YOU!

    As women we are shown at an early age what the standard of beauty is for our generation. This standard shifts slightly within each generation, but in my opinion it’s rarely the true meaning of beauty. The things my friends and I did as young women to attain our given standard of “beauty” were sometimes extreme and rarely healthy. We didn’t see until much later that we were surrounded by the strong, beautiful women who were our mothers, teachers, grandmothers and professors who were guiding us through the world. Today let’s celebrate the beauty of an important woman. The beauty of you! There are many ways to do this. Take…

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    Day 4: Everything Hearts

    Who doesn’t love hearts? In the mood for fluffy, frilly and pink? That’s what I originally thought when I started scavenging for supplies for this piece. I had visions of the pink card stock and lacy doilies from years gone by. That’s not what began to emerge as I sat down for today’s prompt. Hearts for sure, but not the frilly kind. I was inspired by a technique using layers of tissue paper and gel medium (matte) to encase the hearts. I love how the tissue paper becomes sturdier while looking more fragile. How appropriate for hearts!

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    Day 3: Inspired by Nature

    Did you ever have one of those days that just doesn’t start right? That’s me – overslept, missed a deadline, and was greeted by cat barf on the kitchen floor. Not the best way to get going. Sometimes when a day starts like this I put my head down and think, “What else can go wrong?”  Well, not today. Today I was reminded of an article I recently read. Whichever inspirational figure I was reading about mentioned that when things go wrong we shouldn’t expect things to get worse. Instead we should acknowledge what was bad, put it behind us and move on toward greatness.  I did just that and…