10DCAC,  Summer Fun!

July Week 1

Have you ever searched through your art supplies and found something you’d forgotten about? That’s how I came back to using Dylusion Spray Inks used with my prompt for this week’s Summer Challenge. I was searching for some India Ink for a doodling project and found the spray inks hiding in my “ink bin.” Perfect for my prompt this week – Summer Sunsets!

What I love about these spray inks is one of the same things I don’t love about them. They’re MESSY! That’s both fun and aggravating at the same time. If you’re a person who likes a clean work area, do yourself a favor and use a large piece of paper as a mat below the journal you’re working with.

If you don’t worry too much about drips and spills, just remember that these inks are water reactive and they’ll continue to blend with water, paint and other liquids even once they’ve dried. That means that little red dot on your palette is going to tint your white acrylic paint to a nice pink.

Also, if you don’t like having your hands a bunch of different colors wear gloves. I always think I’ll wear gloves, but I never do. Thus the pink, purple and orange fingers I’ve been sporting all week.

On Friday we talked about using the inks with acrylic paints. If you want to add another layer of interest to your inks, find your favorite stencils and a water mister. You can use Dyan Reaveley’s Ghosting Technique on your piece. Here’s a link if you’d like to see a video. She uses paper towels and I use baby wipes or a studio cloth to wipe excess ink. You can also create your own patterns and stencils using card stock and cutting or tearing out designs.

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