Today’s definition.

1: a winding path or course

noun from Merriam-Webster

to wander aimlessly or casually without urgent destination RAMBLE

verb from Merriam-Webster

Do you consider this a negative or positive definition? What comes to mind? I immediately think of a meandering path or a meandering stream. In fact, I can hear the water moving over the rocks right now.

I love the idea of a meandering path. It reminds me that the process, not the product is important. Or spoken in the popular words of today, we should pay attention to the journey not the destination. Art and creativity offer the opportunity for meandering. The process of working with a daily creative habit helps move toward the destination, yet doesn’t have to be frantic or urgent.

I admit to a strong bias for the concept of meandering. Especially when researching, learning something, or creating something new. The destination isn’t forgotten, but at the same time there’s time and space to get there.

Happy meandering to you today!