Day 5 Prompt: Wings

Today’s prompt is wings. Paint, draw or find pictures of wings that inspire you.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to fly. I suppose that’s not unusual in itself, but I was convinced that I would wake up one morning with wings. I’d secretly check each day to see if they had started to grow.

As a teen I discarded my childhood fantasies and tucked those imaginary wings away into my closet with other impractical dreams.

Will I ever fly with actual, physical wings? Probably not. But can I fly on the wings of my imagination? You better believe it!

Creating gives me the sense of soaring beyond the boundaries of an ordinary day. Time stops while I make my mark on paper with pen, ink, paint, metal, collage and even found objects.

It can be the precision of creating mandalas and jewelry or the slapping of paints on my altered art journal to create backgrounds. It can be ten stolen minutes when the kids are in bed or hours in the studio. It can be the feeling of flow with everything going well or the challenge of those days when only the junk comes out. As long as I’m making my mark on something I’m able to hold on to my creativity and fly.

I think many of us share this feeling when we create. I hope you find a few minutes to fly today.

Photographs used in my artwork are from Unsplash.com. @anniespratt (butterfly) @carolinehdz (girl)