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    Creativity Tip for Tuesday

    Today’s tip is a little outside the box, which is the point! I’m taking my own advice and making a small change to something I do often. Of course I didn’t come up with the idea, but it’s worth sharing. I’m reading a lot about habits and creativity and getting things done. Much of the ideas end up in my altered art journal and the habits I’m creating in my studio. If you try this, let me know what you change and if it was a jump-start to your creativity!  

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    Tip: Make Time for Art!

    Make time for what you love, even when it’s busy…especially when it’s busy! Join us for the 10 Day Choose Art Challenge beginning December 1. Tami Chacon from Choose Joy Studios and I are excited to make some art with you for ten days. We’ll have prompts each day so follow one of us or both of us. It’s going to be fun….choose the art that speaks to your heart!

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    Back to Work

    I mentioned that I was a little bit sad that we were back in the groove this morning on the way to school. My daughter sighed and agreed. I wasn’t sure how I would feel this year. Thanksgiving is full to the brim with traditions and expectations. We always travel; enjoy fun, full family time; make pies and eat; and play games. In the morning while the turkey is being prepped, the parade is always on in the background followed by the dog show. Unless it’s below zero or raining the kids will be outside as much as possible, swarming the kitchen to devour any snacks or meals. I love…

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    Seasons and Passions

    The perfect opening sentence came to me while I was making coffee this morning. Then I finished making the coffee, bribed the dogs to go outside and grabbed my computer. The mistake was not going straight to Evernote for my blog notes. It was actually automatic pilot. When I opened my web browser, I automatically keyed in the address for webmail. (Yes, I know there are handy-dandy bookmarks, i just choose not to use them because it makes me have to use my brain for an extra second. Clearly this didn’t happen this morning.) So – email opened, junk mail cleared and messages scanned…only one of them was from a…

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    Book Club Pick!

    It’s cold and rainy this morning which makes it the perfect day to snuggle in with a good book. It’s also perfect timing to announce our book club pick! Join me in exploring Artful Adventures in Mixed Media by Nathalie Kalbach. If you want to get the book from your favorite local book store head out there and go get it. (This would make a perfect art date.) If you’re more of an “order it and wait for the mail to arrive” person, then by all means click on this link and order it from Amazon. This is an affiliate link, so you’re supporting an artist (ME!) just a bit…

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    Books & More Books – Let’s Start a Book Club!

    One of the things you’ll find in my studio is piles of books. The books in those piles reflect my varied interests. I’m a big fan of  libraries; no surprise there, since I’ve been a media specialist in my past life. Most of the digital titles and print books in my studio are checked out from the local library. I’ve also become a fan of the interlibrary loan. Who knew we had access to so many great books that are normally hard to find? They’re only a few clicks away…for free! The only caveat is that you have to be in good standing with your library fines – (ahem….go pay…

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    Finding Your Voice

    This morning I woke up with a light heart! After my morning meditation (that sounds more formal than it is) I came downstairs into my studio and was greeted by this beauty. Last night I finished Tamara Laporte’s session from the Women Unleashed Online Retreat. I always love her lessons and her style. This year’s session was about finding your voice either when you’re feeling stuck or when you’re looking for your own style.   As usual, Tamara’s gentle guidance included great wisdom and ideas. I created two spreads in my art journal during this session. One was getting the “junky junk” out to capture phrases and ideas. The second…

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    Ignite 2018 Spotlight

    It’s been an amazing journey with the women of Ignite. Connie Solera has led us through a year of great connection and creativity and I can’t wait for the launch of  the Ignite 2018 Spotlight! I’m so honored to be a part of this with an amazing group of women. Get ready, it’s going to be something special!

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    Flip the Script on Morning Routines

    I’ve spent most of my life alternating between loving and hating routines and schedules. A recent thread from my sister reminded me of this fact and also inspired me to think about routines and productivity more closely. I propose that some of us need to flip the script on morning routines! Scroll through FB, blogs and most productivity sites and you’ll see multiple variations of the following: I get up before dark, give myself an hour (at least!) before the rest of the house stirs. I (insert personal spiritual practice here), then I have a huge glass of water, then I fill out my (insert personal planner product here) and…