Tomato Illustration
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“Tomato – Tomahto”

If you’re old enough you’re going to have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Sorry? or You’re welcome?

September means LOTS of tomatoes in North Carolina gardens. Big ones bursting on the vine and hopefully adding that bright flavor to some of your favorite recipes and salads. If you live near someone with an abundance of tomato plants, chances are you’ve been gifted with lots of tomatoes. It’s that time of year when the excitement of spring planting has lead to the reality of a LOT of veggies if you’re lucky.

If you’re looking for a reconnection to gardens, both flowers and veggies, go check out Donna Donabella’s IG feed. She’s been sharing the bounty of her garden since she began her 100 day project back in April. She’s inspired me to slow down and look around my own surroundings for inspiration for my art.

Even if the exact inspiration isn’t here in my backyard, taking the time to sit or walk around makes me remember things from the past or think of something that sparks a memory or an idea. These ideas usually find themselves in my art within the next few days or weeks.

Today’s tomato prompt comes from my backyard “garden” this year. A friend brought me several heirloom tomato plants this spring. I happily set them up in a few pots around the back deck and waited. They are giant, mammoth green plants bursting with green leaves and vines. Sadly, not one bloom. So today’s tomato is NOT from my garden, but is bursting with color, memories and inspiration!