10DCAC,  Everyday Life

June Day 2

Prompt: How Does Your Garden Grow?

I’m a fair weather gardener at best. The dreamer in me imagines flower beds spilling into meandering trails around my back yard. I see lush green vegetable beds surrounding my deck. The reality is I have three healthy heirloom tomato plants, healthy because they were started by a friend who’s a master gardener, and a few containers of Gerber daisies on the deck.

Beamer and Comet (my star dogs) have made lots of meandering paths along the back yard, but no flower bed borders. In fact we’ve discovered that Beamer loves to eat plant shoots and flowers. The herbs that I nursed from seedlings in the early spring became tasty treats for Beamer. The package of sunflower seeds became tasty treats for the birds, squirrels and neighborhood deer herd.

Basically, my garden grows in my imagination and on my sketchpad. Today I’m going to sit on the deck and draw what I see in my imagination. I’d love to see what’s growing in your garden, real or imagined!