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Part of the Art with Your iPad Series

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Use your own backgrounds to create stunning pieces of art for your digital art journal. The possibilities are endless. You can print the final piece or share it digitally.

This class is for people who want to dip their toes into the world of digital art making. It’s best suited for people who have an iPad. We will be using the Procreate App.

You’ll learn how to use layers, add photos, cut and paste and basic mark making using procreate brushes. Learn about my “go to” brushes available in Procreate. We’ll have doodle layers, journaling layers and painted layers all to add the depth and texture you want for your final piece.

Class is follow at your own pace and includes written instructions in a downloadable pdf (or access to webpage with instructions) and access to videos. Videos are broken down into eight short segments that explain each step for a total of 36 minutes of video.

Cost: $59

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