I am a mixed media artist, writer and blogger who loves to learn new techniques in order to mix them all together and play. My style has been called experimental, which may be code for “tries everything,” but I like to learn the rules and then break them to see what happens. I am passionate about creating a world where we use our super powers for good and where kindness matters.

I love reading, coffee and chocolate along with cat snuggles and puppy romping. While teaching and creating art are my passions, I love nothing more than scheduling the details of a retreat or an online class. As a creative entrepreneur I’ve finally found a way to mix my techie brain with my artistic brain.

In my previous lives I’ve been an advertising executive, a tech teacher and librarian, jewelry designer and a fundraiser. Seeking to learn and making art have been a constant throughout this adventure called life.

I grew up in Florida and Eastern North Carolina and now live in Raleigh, NC with my husband, two college students, a high schooler, two dogs and a cat. Needless to say it’s NOT quiet in my studio! When I’m not in the car shuttling said beings around, I can be found in my studio experimenting or at my kitchen table typing away at the computer – creating in a different way.

Won’t you join me on this creative journey? Let’s make something great or at least play with a few art materials and see what happens. I send out a newsletter at least once a month. Sign up now.

Look for my videos on this site, YouTube and Facebook.

I like to share tips as well as give you a peak into my journey forward in this creative and kind life.