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    July Week 2

    This weeks prompts are: Rainbows of Summer and Summer Bounty We’re in the thick of summer weather here in NC. The air is literally thick with humidity and those summer thunderstorms have been rolling in every afternoon like clockwork. It’s my favorite time of year and I love walking into the back yard to check on my lush garden. Only problem is that the garden didn’t make it this year. Between the dogs (OK, just Beamer) and the deer I have two lone tomato plants that didn’t bloom and a very scraggly oregano plant. We won’t even talk about the sunflowers, peonies, dahlias and cone flowers. It’s a great lesson…

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    July Week 1

    Have you ever searched through your art supplies and found something you’d forgotten about? That’s how I came back to using Dylusion Spray Inks used with my prompt for this week’s Summer Challenge. I was searching for some India Ink for a doodling project and found the spray inks hiding in my “ink bin.” Perfect for my prompt this week – Summer Sunsets! What I love about these spray inks is one of the same things I don’t love about them. They’re MESSY! That’s both fun and aggravating at the same time. If you’re a person who likes a clean work area, do yourself a favor and use a large…

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    June Day 10!

    Paint Your Pet Today’s prompt is inspired by two things, my 100 day project and a whimsical memory. First the memory. My daughter notices dogs no matter where we go, and because of that we always see dogs when we’re together. We usually pick a “favorite” from the day. So far one of my all-time favorites was a white poodle who had been dyed bright neon pink. She was sporting her various shades of pink with pride. I loved it! (I’m sure it has nothing to do with my purple hair.) My second inspiration is this year’s 100 Day Project. Some of you may have noticed that Tami and I…

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    June Day 8

    It’s time to make your own coloring pages. Have you ever tried it? It’s actually a lot of fun! Grab your favorite sharpie or black paint and make some lines. Take a picture of it before you start adding color and share with us. Then use your favorite paint or markers to add some color. For those of you who are following this challenge with photographs, try taking a photo that can be colored in like the example here. It’s been such fun following the posts for this month’s challenge. Tami and I are enjoying everyone’s work! Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

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    June Day 6

    A wise woman once told me that I should always have the brightest most whimsical umbrella I could find. It’s a great way to brighten a gloomy day. Ever since she shared that with me, I’ve carried a bright, bold umbrella whenever possible. “Never be afraid to stand up and stand out,” she also said. Wise indeed! That advice is not always as easy to follow, but I like it. Stand up and be counted. Or as Seth Godin would say, go make a ruckus. I believe that art helps us discover who we are, what we stand for and how we can and should stand out. I hope you…

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    June Day 4

    Today’s prompt is: Beach Time! Ocean Colors The beach is where my family and I truly relax. It’s magical how our rhythms change. It’s almost as if our edges are worn just a little smoother by the waves and the sand. I feel “at rest” at the beach. There’s something very soothing to me about the colors of the ocean. I associate them with the hot sun, warm sand between my toes and the sounds of the waves crashing or lapping on the shore. In my mind I hear the sound of laughing children and cackling gulls. Can’t you just feel that shock of the cold ocean water when you…

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    June Day 2

    Prompt: How Does Your Garden Grow? I’m a fair weather gardener at best. The dreamer in me imagines flower beds spilling into meandering trails around my back yard. I see lush green vegetable beds surrounding my deck. The reality is I have three healthy heirloom tomato plants, healthy because they were started by a friend who’s a master gardener, and a few containers of Gerber daisies on the deck. Beamer and Comet (my star dogs) have made lots of meandering paths along the back yard, but no flower bed borders. In fact we’ve discovered that Beamer loves to eat plant shoots and flowers. The herbs that I nursed from seedlings…

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    Day 9: Photo Background

    Sometimes it’s difficult to start a journal spread or an art piece on a blank page. Today’s prompt takes away the pressure of a blank canvas. Glue down a photograph on your journal page. Voila, instant background! From there you can decide if you want to use more papers for collage or if you want to paint and draw on top of the photo. Dealer’s choice as they say. You can work with a theme and choose a photograph that provides a “jumping off” point, or you can start with something that grabs your attention because of the colors or the composition. Play! Have fun! Make time for art. This…

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    Day 7: Self Portrait with Words

    Today’s prompt is an exercise in the abstract. Create a self portrait using words. Before you start feeling too vulnerable, it’s a journaling exercise that we’re going to paint over. One of my favorite ways to art journal when I’ve got some intense feelings and emotions to go through is to write down my feelings with the knowledge that they’ll be covered by layers of paint, pen and lines. In fact a good friend of ours, Kaira Boston, holds workshops with a very specific process that you might be interested in. Her website is Studio Kaira and she leads amazing workshops called Creative Layers to Mindfulness. We use so many…

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    Day 5: When Pigs Fly

    Today’s prompt is about improbable dreams. How many of you have heard the idiom “when pigs fly?” It’s usually used when people think something is impossible or unlikely. I think of it in a different way. I LOVE the imagery of pigs flying. Who doesn’t think pigs are cute? Part of my childhood was living on a farm in eastern North Carolina. The first year we moved there from Florida, my sisters and I named the pigs we had in the fields! Add wings to that cuteness and in my opinion you have something made for dreams. I have several pigs with wings in my home. For me they represent…