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    Creativity Tip for Tuesday

    Today’s tip is a little outside the box, which is the point! I’m taking my own advice and making a small change to something I do often. Of course I didn’t come up with the idea, but it’s worth sharing. I’m reading a lot about habits and creativity and getting things done. Much of the ideas end up in my altered art journal and the habits I’m creating in my studio. If you try this, let me know what you change and if it was a jump-start to your creativity!  

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    10DCAC Day 10!!

    Day Ten! We made it! Today’s prompt: Winter Dreams. What do you dream about for winter? Is it crisp, cold nights with ink black skies holding twinkling stars? Is it snow covered trees swaying in the gentle night breeze? Is it cozy nights by the fire, sipping hot cocoa or wine? Is it bustling streets with honking cars and people talking and laughing? What are your winter dreams? In some ways my winter dreams have come true with a rare, early snowfall in my neck of the woods. Waking up to snow is still magical! For a few minutes I feel exactly as I did when I was ten, fifteen…

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    Day 7 10DCAC

    Today’s prompt from Tami Chacon with Choose Joy Studio is “All that Glitters is Not Gold.” I love the question that Tami included in FB today. “What brings warmth and sparkle to your life?” My response to this prompt has me scratching my head a little bit. Not sure why she decided to come through, but there she is in all her glittery, sparkly glory. Do you have those moments where you sit down to create with one idea in mind and something else entirely different shows up? This morning was one of those times for me. I read the prompt, picked the colors and thought it would be a…

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    10DCAC Day 6

    Day Six Prompt: Time for Trees! What shapes do you see when you think of trees? Draw it. Photograph it. Collage it. Show us your trees! This prompt comes from a year of looking at trees and thinking about how different they are throughout the year and in different places. I live in Raleigh, the City of Oaks, and as you can imagine we have lots of trees. The summer is dappled with green leaves and glorious shade in the steamy hot days. The fall is multi-colored with oranges, scarlet and yellows dotted with every brown you can imagine. The winter seems more grey with the stark outlines of the…

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    10DCAC Day 4

    Day 4: Create with Music! Put on your favorite music and sing out loud while you create. If you need to be a little more quiet throw in your earbuds and listen while you work. If you can’t do that, write down key words from the song. Here’s my process. I sit in front of my table, turn on the music and close my eyes while the song washes over me. Then I repeat the song, open my eyes and begin to write or paint depending on the song. OK, I’ll even admit that there might be dancing around the studio while I’m throwing paint on the canvas or the…

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    Day 3 10DCAC

    Day three of the Ten Day Choose Art Challenge and it’s been one of those prompts that makes me sit back and think awhile before I sit down in the studio to create. I love those! First I searched for definitions and examples of milagros and found a great website about folk art with the history of Mexican Milagros. One of the most interesting parts was learning about the meaning behind each symbol. For some reason I was called to the images that represented prayers for a journey. How appropriate given my creative and entrepreneurial journey this year! I hope you’re enjoying the challenge. Please post on Facebook and Instagram…

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    10DCAC Starts December 1!

    10 Day Choose Art Challenge December 1-10 Steps to Participate: Pick the art that’s calling your heart OR play along with paint and paper in an art journal. Set aside time to make art each day for the next ten days. Put it on your calendar! Gather your supplies. Keep it simple, use what you have. “Shop in your closet” or grab a pen, notebook and some glue and scissors. Join us on FB (follow us) on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or our blogs for inspirational videos and prompts beginning December 1. Share your work on Facebook and Instagram use the hashtag #10DCAC so we can find you. Post your work for…

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    Back to Work

    I mentioned that I was a little bit sad that we were back in the groove this morning on the way to school. My daughter sighed and agreed. I wasn’t sure how I would feel this year. Thanksgiving is full to the brim with traditions and expectations. We always travel; enjoy fun, full family time; make pies and eat; and play games. In the morning while the turkey is being prepped, the parade is always on in the background followed by the dog show. Unless it’s below zero or raining the kids will be outside as much as possible, swarming the kitchen to devour any snacks or meals. I love…

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    Seasons and Passions

    The perfect opening sentence came to me while I was making coffee this morning. Then I finished making the coffee, bribed the dogs to go outside and grabbed my computer. The mistake was not going straight to Evernote for my blog notes. It was actually automatic pilot. When I opened my web browser, I automatically keyed in the address for webmail. (Yes, I know there are handy-dandy bookmarks, i just choose not to use them because it makes me have to use my brain for an extra second. Clearly this didn’t happen this morning.) So – email opened, junk mail cleared and messages scanned…only one of them was from a…

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    Love What You Love

    The whirlwind is over. The boys are settled in their college dorms and we’re getting back into the routine of high school. Carpool is working well and the dogs have figured out how to live with our new schedule without destroying too much furniture…or carpet…or walls… Okay, so some of it’s not over, but mostly the dust has settled and it’s time for work. My new work! Now, what does that look like? Can I spend four hours working on one painting? How much time should I allow for buying supplies? Should I be available to my family during the day even though I’m working? How do I limit my…