Day 2: Take it Outside

Today’s prompt is about texture, play and going outside. We’re going to shake things up by using a very simple technique.

Remember crayon rubbings? Well today’s prompt is a variation of that theme. Find your favorite “crayon,” I used oil pastels and Neocolor crayons, and a few sheets of ordinary copy paper. Head outside and start looking for textures. (I know we have some photographers in the group who should also enjoy finding shots with great textures outside.)

There’s something magical about the patterns that emerge from the different textures. This is your chance to play with colors, line and motion.

I had my usual helpers, Comet and Beamer, jumping all over and trying to lick and eat my papers. They added to the feeling of being a kid again while I was running around coloring on trees and other surfaces around the back yard.

Back in the studio, cut or tear your texture pages and add them to a journal spread. I used matte medium to seal in the color, which spread like crazy while I was gluing them down. I decided to throw some acrylic washes on top before I started journaling with a white Gelly Roll pen.

What textures and patterns will you find while you’re playing outside with art today? Please share your responses with #10DCAC in Facebook, Instagram or both!