Day 8: Mandala Monday

Many of you know how much I love creating Mandalas. Monday seemed like a great day to make a mandala! For today’s prompt, create a mandala, find one to color and glue in your art journal, or find something that reminds you of mandalas and share a photo.

The mandala I created is known as a Twelve Petal Mandala. I was experimenting with colored pencils to add shading and depth. I think I prefer markers for the more vivid colors, but this was fun to play around with. I’m using one of Tami Chacon’s handmade journals and the paper is incredible no matter what I use for color.

If you enjoy creating mandalas or are interested in learning more, I highly recommend Kathryn Costa’s book: The Manadala Guidebook. This is the book that fueled my fascination with creating mandalas. It’s become my go-to book when I want inspiration, tips or step-by-step instructions.

I look forward to seeing what you share for our Mandala Monday!

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