Coffee based art
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Coffee or Tea? Dyes

How many of you have used tea stained pages in your art journals or artwork? Has anyone else tried coffee to dye pages? Today’s a great day to experiment with tea and/or coffee dyes.

Why does tea get all the fun? I may have discovered the answer with my most recent experiment with staining assorted book pages. Coffee smelled great, but the results were mildly successful. The pages dried with a lighter color and more wrinkles than tea stained pages.

I used them anyway because they work well in collage. They are most recently in my art journal. Who doesn’t want a journal that smells like coffee – even with a few layers of matte medium.

I might spend some of today working with tea. In fact, I have some Yupo paper from this weekends class. I wonder what would happen if I used the coffee or tea as if it were ink? Hmm….I’m off to the studio to experiment.

Share what you decide with Tami and me. We hope you’re enjoying this month’s Ten Day Choose Art Challenge.