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Books I Love – 2

Today’s book is A Big Important Art Book (Now With Women): Profiles of Unstoppable Female Artists – and Projects to Help You Become One written by Danielle Krysa founder of The Jealous Curator.

I share this title because it’s part of my re-education in art history. Even though I graduated from a women’s college, my art history education was filled with white western men. I’m not maligning my education, I just choose to expand it!

A Big Important Art Book has quickly become one of my foundation texts as I curate a collection for this expansion course. (If that kind of workshop sounds interesting, it’s a new course I’m teaching in the Spring. More on that offering in another post.)

Krysa writes about forty-five contemporary artists who are currently making art. She interviewed them and includes their place in the art world today as well as beautiful examples of their art. She also looks back through history and “shines the light” on women who laid the groundwork for today’s women in art. You’ll learn some new names as well as hear about women you expect to “meet.”

The stories in the book are centered around themes or movements in art. In addition, Krysa begins each chapter with projects for your own artwork. These projects are approachable and encouraging. In her words, encouraging the women artists of the future!

This one is a keeper! I’ve added it to my reference collection.

Please note: The link for the book takes you to Amazon. If you choose to purchase from that link you are supporting me and my art business. Thank you!