Day 4: Tag It!

There are several ways to complete today’s prompt. I’m choosing to make tags to add to my art journal, but you could create a tag and include it in a photo, or digitally tag a photo or a piece of work.

I have a stash of epherma that includes PILES of different types of tags. Spell check reminds me…does anyone else love that you can file away “stuff” under epherma? Having a respectable label for all of the odds and ends that I just KNOW I’ll use one day was one of the best things that ever happened to my marriage. When it was “stuff” it was annoying, but now I can say “that’s part of my epherma collection,” and he nods his head and moves on. (OK, he shakes his head, but I can label it so he stops asking questions.)

For today’s prompt, I decided to use Tami’s idea for collage to decorate tags for my art journal. I like the look of the layers and it’s a fun way to add another element to my journal.

Keep sharing your work and tag it with #10DCAC! (Pun intended)