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Day 7 10DCAC

Today’s prompt from Tami Chacon with Choose Joy Studio is “All that Glitters is Not Gold.” I love the question that Tami included in FB today. “What brings warmth and sparkle to your life?”

My response to this prompt has me scratching my head a little bit. Not sure why she decided to come through, but there she is in all her glittery, sparkly glory.

Do you have those moments where you sit down to create with one idea in mind and something else entirely different shows up? This morning was one of those times for me. I read the prompt, picked the colors and thought it would be a more simple background with text and a few stamp-like images….instead one of my fugues showed up again. I’m sure I’ll figure out what she’s saying by the end of the day. (I might even share it.)

It’s back to the studio for me! I’m going to see what else happens on a new journal spread for this prompt. Thanks Tami!