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10DCAC Day 10!!

Day Ten! We made it!

Today’s prompt: Winter Dreams.

What do you dream about for winter? Is it crisp, cold nights with ink black skies holding twinkling stars? Is it snow covered trees swaying in the gentle night breeze? Is it cozy nights by the fire, sipping hot cocoa or wine? Is it bustling streets with honking cars and people talking and laughing? What are your winter dreams?

In some ways my winter dreams have come true with a rare, early snowfall in my neck of the woods. Waking up to snow is still magical! For a few minutes I feel exactly as I did when I was ten, fifteen or twenty years old when I woke up to snow. I’m sure it comes from a combination of growing up in southern Florida (no snow) and then in North Carolina (some snow). In fact, I remember my parents waking us up early one morning in FL to see the frozen puddles from an overnight freeze. It was nothing short of magical. Even today, when I’m waiting for the car windows to defrost, I smile when I see frozen puddles outside as I remember the magic from that morning.

Working in my studio brings me that same feeling of joy and magic. Creating art has always felt that way. When I give myself the time to create, I am more open to the magic of every day.

That’s part of the reason Tami and I created this ten day challenge. We wanted to remind you of the magic of making time for that creative spark that makes your heart sing. It has been an honor to see your work and to hear about the different ways people create. We hope you’ll join us again in a few months for another ten day challenge. It’s free and we hope it’s an easy way to remember the magic that lives inside each of us. Until then, go make some art!