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    Flip the Script on Morning Routines

    I’ve spent most of my life alternating between loving and hating routines and schedules. A recent thread from my sister reminded me of this fact and also inspired me to think about routines and productivity more closely. I propose that some of us need to flip the script on morning routines! Scroll through FB, blogs and most productivity sites and you’ll see multiple variations of the following: I get up before dark, give myself an hour (at least!) before the rest of the house stirs. I (insert personal spiritual practice here), then I have a huge glass of water, then I fill out my (insert personal planner product here) and…

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    Oil Pastels Are Yummy!

    I discovered water soluble oil pastels during one of Connie Solera’s Painting the Feminine classes last year. Oh my! Since that experience, they have become my “go to” drawing tool for art journaling and even painting. In fact, if you look closely at most of my canvases and finished pieces, you’ll see at least one or two marks made with these lovelies. I might be slightly obsessed with them. As Connie said to me, wait until you see what happens when you dip them in water!   I dare you to try oil pastels in your next drawing session. Beware, you might get hooked! Make sure you look for extra…

  • All you need is love.

    John Lennon
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    What Makes a Trend?

    Circles are very popular in print and online right now. Have you noticed? What else have you noticed recently that is part of a trend? As an avid podcast listener and creative entrepreneur, I enjoy listening to “How I Built This.” In a recent episode, the founder of Lululemon said he spots trends when he notices something three times. It’s served him well and it makes sense. What have you noticed in the creative corner of your world? Have you seen anything three times? Make a note of it, it might just be the next trend.