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    10DCAC Day 6

    Day Six Prompt: Time for Trees! What shapes do you see when you think of trees? Draw it. Photograph it. Collage it. Show us your trees! This prompt comes from a year of looking at trees and thinking about how different they are throughout the year and in different places. I live in Raleigh, the City of Oaks, and as you can imagine we have lots of trees. The summer is dappled with green leaves and glorious shade in the steamy hot days. The fall is multi-colored with oranges, scarlet and yellows dotted with every brown you can imagine. The winter seems more grey with the stark outlines of the…

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    Day 5 10DCAC

    If you’re following the prompts today, you’ll know why I have Julie Andrews singing in my head. It’s day five and “A Few of My Favorite Things” is the prompt. I’ve had the soundtrack from The Sound of Music going in my head all morning! (Did I just admit something weird, or do other people have a constant soundtrack running through their head each day?) Tami and I are having so much fun with the prompts and we hope you are too! (Go check out her website.) It’s been inspiring to see your work AND I keep reminding people who haven’t started yet that it’s not too late. It’s really…

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    10DCAC Day 4

    Day 4: Create with Music! Put on your favorite music and sing out loud while you create. If you need to be a little more quiet throw in your earbuds and listen while you work. If you can’t do that, write down key words from the song. Here’s my process. I sit in front of my table, turn on the music and close my eyes while the song washes over me. Then I repeat the song, open my eyes and begin to write or paint depending on the song. OK, I’ll even admit that there might be dancing around the studio while I’m throwing paint on the canvas or the…

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    Day 3 10DCAC

    Day three of the Ten Day Choose Art Challenge and it’s been one of those prompts that makes me sit back and think awhile before I sit down in the studio to create. I love those! First I searched for definitions and examples of milagros and found a great website about folk art with the history of Mexican Milagros. One of the most interesting parts was learning about the meaning behind each symbol. For some reason I was called to the images that represented prayers for a journey. How appropriate given my creative and entrepreneurial journey this year! I hope you’re enjoying the challenge. Please post on Facebook and Instagram…

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    10DCAC Day 2

    10 Day Choose Art Challenge Day 2: December Memories What are some of your favorite memories from this time of year? Write a few of them down. Pick one and draw, paint, collage, create. (I write mine down on my journal page first and then paint on top of it.) If you want a little inspiration, close your eyes and think about the memory. What do you smell? What do you feel? What sounds do you hear? What colors do you see? Now, open your eyes and start creating! Share your work under the comments for this post or use the hashtag #10DCAC. We can’t wait to see what you…

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    10DCAC Starts December 1!

    10 Day Choose Art Challenge December 1-10 Steps to Participate: Pick the art that’s calling your heart OR play along with paint and paper in an art journal. Set aside time to make art each day for the next ten days. Put it on your calendar! Gather your supplies. Keep it simple, use what you have. “Shop in your closet” or grab a pen, notebook and some glue and scissors. Join us on FB (follow us) on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or our blogs for inspirational videos and prompts beginning December 1. Share your work on Facebook and Instagram use the hashtag #10DCAC so we can find you. Post your work for…

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    Tip: Make Time for Art!

    Make time for what you love, even when it’s busy…especially when it’s busy! Join us for the 10 Day Choose Art Challenge beginning December 1. Tami Chacon from Choose Joy Studios and I are excited to make some art with you for ten days. We’ll have prompts each day so follow one of us or both of us. It’s going to be fun….choose the art that speaks to your heart!

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    Back to Work

    I mentioned that I was a little bit sad that we were back in the groove this morning on the way to school. My daughter sighed and agreed. I wasn’t sure how I would feel this year. Thanksgiving is full to the brim with traditions and expectations. We always travel; enjoy fun, full family time; make pies and eat; and play games. In the morning while the turkey is being prepped, the parade is always on in the background followed by the dog show. Unless it’s below zero or raining the kids will be outside as much as possible, swarming the kitchen to devour any snacks or meals. I love…