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    Day 4: Everything Hearts

    Who doesn’t love hearts? In the mood for fluffy, frilly and pink? That’s what I originally thought when I started scavenging for supplies for this piece. I had visions of the pink card stock and lacy doilies from years gone by. That’s not what began to emerge as I sat down for today’s prompt. Hearts for sure, but not the frilly kind. I was inspired by a technique using layers of tissue paper and gel medium (matte) to encase the hearts. I love how the tissue paper becomes sturdier while looking more fragile. How appropriate for hearts!

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    Day 3: Inspired by Nature

    Did you ever have one of those days that just doesn’t start right? That’s me – overslept, missed a deadline, and was greeted by cat barf on the kitchen floor. Not the best way to get going. Sometimes when a day starts like this I put my head down and think, “What else can go wrong?”  Well, not today. Today I was reminded of an article I recently read. Whichever inspirational figure I was reading about mentioned that when things go wrong we shouldn’t expect things to get worse. Instead we should acknowledge what was bad, put it behind us and move on toward greatness.  I did just that and…

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    Day 2: Favorite Colors

    Tami’s prompt was fun today! Three of my favorite colors: Pink, purple and blue! It’s easy to see when you thumb through my altered art journal, and of course….there’s the purple hair. It’s kind of a “tell.” They’ve traded places on the hierarchy until I realized there didn’t need to be an order. Freedom! I look forward to seeing your favorite colors.

  • 10DCAC

    My Word for 2019

    I am not a person who likes to be pinned down. I generally don’t like doing something unless it makes sense to me. I can stick to a schedule, but I push against it the whole time. (In my head; rarely out loud.) I’ll get done what has to be done during the day or a specified time period, but I’ll do it on my own time and in my own way. In Gretchen Ruben’s The Four Tendencies, that means I’m a rebel with questioning tendencies or a questioner with rebel tendencies.  The fact that I’m choosing a word is slightly surprising and yet the idea appeals to me this year.…

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    The gift of time

    I’ve had two recent instances of people sharing or giving me the gift of time. Yesterday a group of artist friends (Tami at Choose Joy Studio and PJ from PJsArtFun) met virtually and we followed the prompts facilitated by Eleni for a blissful hour. Sometimes we talked, shared or just quietly worked with the sounds of rustling paper as our companion. When we were finished, I found myself lingering in the studio. To-do lists forgotten, the daily appointments and arguments gently parked to the side while I sat with my art and doodled, painted, wrote and reflected. I realized with a start that I hadn’t had that much time to…

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    Tuesday Art Tip – Laugh!

    Today is about playing and remembering to have fun and laugh at yourself just a little bit. My altered art journal entries are full of whimsical, downright silly birds. They make me smile and I’m having fun painting drawing and adding them into my journal. They are my reminder to myself that it’s important to have a little fun mixed in with all the seriousness of life. Take time for a good belly laugh today!

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    Creativity Tip for Tuesday

    Today’s tip is a little outside the box, which is the point! I’m taking my own advice and making a small change to something I do often. Of course I didn’t come up with the idea, but it’s worth sharing. I’m reading a lot about habits and creativity and getting things done. Much of the ideas end up in my altered art journal and the habits I’m creating in my studio. If you try this, let me know what you change and if it was a jump-start to your creativity!  

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    10DCAC Day 10!!

    Day Ten! We made it! Today’s prompt: Winter Dreams. What do you dream about for winter? Is it crisp, cold nights with ink black skies holding twinkling stars? Is it snow covered trees swaying in the gentle night breeze? Is it cozy nights by the fire, sipping hot cocoa or wine? Is it bustling streets with honking cars and people talking and laughing? What are your winter dreams? In some ways my winter dreams have come true with a rare, early snowfall in my neck of the woods. Waking up to snow is still magical! For a few minutes I feel exactly as I did when I was ten, fifteen…

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    10DCAC Day 8

    Today’s prompt: Autumn Looks Like… In the northern hemisphere we’ve just moved from fall to winter. While winter is beginning to sparkle, the memory of fall colors lingers in the air with leaves still falling and faded colors of orange, yellow and brown carpeting the ground. What does autumn look like in your home? Do you have the changing seasons? Do you have white capped mountains or lush green palms marking fall days? Capture it in your imagination and then create it! We’ve transitioned from pumpkin spice to peppermint mocha and we take time to mark the changes. We’re in the home stretch of the challenge today which is sometimes…

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    Day 7 10DCAC

    Today’s prompt from Tami Chacon with Choose Joy Studio is “All that Glitters is Not Gold.” I love the question that Tami included in FB today. “What brings warmth and sparkle to your life?” My response to this prompt has me scratching my head a little bit. Not sure why she decided to come through, but there she is in all her glittery, sparkly glory. Do you have those moments where you sit down to create with one idea in mind and something else entirely different shows up? This morning was one of those times for me. I read the prompt, picked the colors and thought it would be a…