Everyday Life


I’ve been immersed in the studio over the last few weeks, working on school work and tucking in time for a special art book I’m creating. One of my biggest takeaways from school is that we must continue to expose ourselves to new artists’ work. “New” can mean “new to me” not just contemporary artists, although today’s artists are all contemporary. I’ll be sharing about artists who inspire me each week.

Three of the artists who inspire me this week are:

Agnès Debizet

Agnès creates giant organic shaped sculptures out of stoneware. Her fantastical forms incorporate subtraction to create texture. There’s a great article about her in the New York Times where you can see some of her work.

Stephanie Metz

Another sculptor who uses giant organic shapes in her work, Stephanie works in felt. Her work is approachable and touchable – extra appealing in these times. She’s not only an amazing artist, but also a generous and thorough teacher. See her work on her website.

Mark Bradford

Mark is an well known artist creating giant installations in mixed media. Check out his work in an Art21 piece. He inspires me with his use of found objects and his exploration of themes.

I’d love to hear about artists who inspire you!