10DCAC,  Summer Fun!

July Week 4

What did you think of the change for this month’s 10DChoose Art Challenge? Did you like having the prompts spread out on weekends? Do you prefer having the first ten days to focus on making time for creativity? Tell us what you think! I liked the change as it fit the summer schedule well.

This week’s prompts are

  • Prompt 1: Quirky, or Get Your Quirk On
  • Prompt 2: Summer Fun!

Tami shared her techniques for creating the start of quirky characters and I can’t wait to get started tomorrow on my Quirky page in my journal.

My “Summer Fun” pieces changed while I was in the middle of creating them. Does that ever happen to you? You have an idea of what you want to do and the piece has a totally different idea? I seem to be stuck at the beach in my head and in my studio.

In fact, Tami mentioned that she’s drawn to different colors than her usual palette right now. The same thing is happening to me. Most of the time when I start my palette I look down and I’ve got ocean blues, greens and sometimes a touch of purple.


The liquid acrylics in these pieces are FW Pearlescents from Daler-Rowney. I used Sun-Up Blue, Waterfall Green and a little bit of Sundown Magenta. They are FUN to use! They feel like a cross between using inks and using acrylics.

Product links included in this post are affiliate links. That means that if you purchase from the link, you’re helping this artist continue to create. There’s no extra cost added to you. Thanks!


  • Tami

    The colors and texture in that piece! Yum! Also, thanks for the link to the FW pearlescent. Something I have not tried! It has been more than fun this month doing this challenge with you! Thanks!!

  • ezl

    Lynne – What I see here is what happens when you blow that “pixie dust” from your hand in your photo in the upper right corner of your blog. xo