June Day 4

Today’s prompt is: Beach Time! Ocean Colors

The beach is where my family and I truly relax. It’s magical how our rhythms change. It’s almost as if our edges are worn just a little smoother by the waves and the sand. I feel “at rest” at the beach.

There’s something very soothing to me about the colors of the ocean. I associate them with the hot sun, warm sand between my toes and the sounds of the waves crashing or lapping on the shore. In my mind I hear the sound of laughing children and cackling gulls. Can’t you just feel that shock of the cold ocean water when you jump in after sitting in the hot sun?

That must be why my “beach art” is usually filled with the blues, teals and tan. I’m drawn to the soothing colors as opposed to the bright beach scenes that I sometimes intend to create.

Where do you feel more connected? Where do you relax and rest? Does the ocean bring contentment? I’d love to know! Draw, paint, collage or photograph what comes to mind when you think of ocean colors.

Photograph by Photo by Sébastien Jermer on Unsplash