10DCAC,  Art Journals

Day 7: Self Portrait with Words

Today’s prompt is an exercise in the abstract. Create a self portrait using words. Before you start feeling too vulnerable, it’s a journaling exercise that we’re going to paint over.

One of my favorite ways to art journal when I’ve got some intense feelings and emotions to go through is to write down my feelings with the knowledge that they’ll be covered by layers of paint, pen and lines. In fact a good friend of ours, Kaira Boston, holds workshops with a very specific process that you might be interested in. Her website is Studio Kaira and she leads amazing workshops called Creative Layers to Mindfulness.

We use so many different words to describe who we are. Think of the nouns you use to describe yourself. Think of the adjectives that you use. Think of the things that you don’t love and then think of the amazing qualities that you have and let’s celebrate those!

Write them down in pen, pencil, sharpie or marker. Then start painting, scribbling and covering them up. You can even use something like Tombow markers or water color crayons and then throw some water on top of them. Use colors that make you think of yourself. Use lines that you love. If you prefer, find images and paste or collage onto your page.

This prompt is about celebrating who you are at this very moment. It’s an abstract self portrait made of words… (that no one can see!)

Photo from Unsplash.com