Day 3: The Language of Flowers

Today’s prompt is inspired by a friend’s 100 Day Project. She’s posting beautiful photographs from her garden and she’s including poetic and profound thoughts around the meaning of the individual flowers. Her most recent posts have reminded me of a novel I read a long time ago that included the language of flowers as an important theme.

I’ve also been thinking about language and how images can speak to us as eloquently as words. There’s something magical about that idea. I think I’ll look up the meaning of my favorite flower, the gardenia, and spend some time in my art journal today exploring what I find.

Please share your thoughts and your response to today’s prompt. Tami and I would love to hear from you. What’s your favorite flower? What do you know about the language of flowers? Go take a peak at Donna’s 100 Day Project that inspired today’s prompt. She’s at @ddonabella and her project is #100viewsfrommygarden.

Photo by Kristen MacAdams on Unsplash

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