Day 6: Red – Cool or Warm?

Red, rojo, rouge…Isn’t it such an interesting color? Have you noticed how people react when you wear red? I once worked with someone who always disagreed with me if I was wearing red. It wasn’t a coincidence. We worked well together, but put me in a red shirt and I was certain to get pushback.

Today’s prompt is all about the color red and its many nuances. Which do you prefer? The warm, toasty reds or the cooler reds? What better place to discover the answer than in your art journals? I began today’s prompt looking for the cooler reds, but much to my surprise was wooed by the warmth of the Pyrrole Red and Orange. These aren’t colors I use very often, but they were much more fun to work with than I expected.

I discovered some antique alphabet stamps this week and they were perfect to round out the design for today’s prompt.

I look forward to hearing what you think about warm or cool reds. Do you have a preference? How will you use red today. I bet you’ll notice at least one red thing today!