The 100 Day Project

Starting a long term project fills me with trepidation. One hundred days is a huge commitment! However, in the context of a job or career it doesn’t seem that long.

I’ve decided to participate in the #The100DayProject this year. Joining the project isn’t newsworthy, but my project might be. I’ve been writing a children’s book (a series actually) and I want a very specific illustration style to go along with it. Since I’m a new author and the illustrator I want is a seasoned veteran, it’s unlikely that we’ll be in partnership anytime soon.

Over the years I’ve illustrated a few books for family, but they were never published for a public audience. I’ve decided to use the 100 Day Project as a way to work on my illustration skills. It’s a fun way to work on a skill, share my progress, AND share my creative process with you.

As an instructor and workshop leader, this will also be a good way for me to remember what it’s like to start something at the beginning. It feels vulnerable and uncomfortable, which is another positive sign. Usually when I’m feeling that way it signals growth; which means it’s time to jump.

If you’d like to follow along, I’ll be using #100daysofbeamer for my posts on Instagram each day. The challenge begins on April 2nd so stay tuned for LOTS of drawings of Beamer. I’ll be drawing in my sketchbook with a variety of pens and pencils as well as on my iPad using the Procreate app.

If you’re interested in the 100 Day Project for yourself, here’s a link. If one hundred days seems a bit intense, join Tami Chacon from Choose Joy Studio and me for our mini challenge at the beginning of each month. It’s a TEN day challenge and we share new prompts each month. We begin on April 1.