Everyday Life

Day 1 Prompt: Repeat After Me

The March Ten Day Choose Art Challenge has begun! We’re glad you’re back.

Today is all about repetition and patterns. How do you make patterns? By repeating a mark, design or thread.

You can use stamps, pens or found objects to make your patterns. As many of you know I love circles. I’ve been known to grab glasses from the kitchen to use as a stamp when I couldn’t find a circle that was “just right.”

What’s your favorite shape? Use that to make a pattern.

For those of you who love the outdoors, go outside and find patterns. Nature has an abundance of patterns! If you can’t find them, go grab the second thing you see when you go outside and collect enough to make a pattern. (I chose “second” because the first thing I saw outside this morning was a slug!) For me that meant dragging pine needles through the paint to make my pattern.

What will you create? Please share on Facebook or Instagram. If you want to join our private group, let Tami or me know and we’ll sign you up. If you prefer to keep your art private, please let us know in the comments that you are following along with the challenge. We appreciate it! For those of you who share don’t forget to tag it #10DCAC.

Let’s go create something for the start of the month!