Day 6: Everything Green

Fun fact about today’s prompt – green is NOT one of my favorite colors. In fact if you look at my paints, I have the fewest choices in the green section. And yet …

Green has been showing up in my journal and my paintings a LOT this past year. In the last painting class I took, green was everywhere! I can’t wait to figure out what it means. In the meantime, I’ll continue to explore everything green.

What do you think of when you see green? Do you see dragons and enchanted forests? Do you see lush tropical plants, vegetables glistening in their bins, green fields, or shiny green emeralds? Tami and I would love to see what you create today with green!

Today is also a great day to join our February challenge. You can finish strong with the last half of the prompts. It’s a great way to jump in with no pressure. If you post your work on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to use #10DCAC so we can find you!