Everyday Life

Day 7: Beautiful YOU!

As women we are shown at an early age what the standard of beauty is for our generation. This standard shifts slightly within each generation, but in my opinion it’s rarely the true meaning of beauty. The things my friends and I did as young women to attain our given standard of “beauty” were sometimes extreme and rarely healthy. We didn’t see until much later that we were surrounded by the strong, beautiful women who were our mothers, teachers, grandmothers and professors who were guiding us through the world.

Today let’s celebrate the beauty of an important woman. The beauty of you!

There are many ways to do this. Take several photos of yourself and use them in a collage to create a portrait, create a contour drawing of yourself, paint an abstract of who you are inside and out, or find an old photograph of yourself and use that in your art.

Create art that celebrates beautiful you!