Everyday Life

Day 3: Inspired by Nature

Did you ever have one of those days that just doesn’t start right? That’s me – overslept, missed a deadline, and was greeted by cat barf on the kitchen floor. Not the best way to get going. Sometimes when a day starts like this I put my head down and think, “What else can go wrong?” 

Well, not today. Today I was reminded of an article I recently read. Whichever inspirational figure I was reading about mentioned that when things go wrong we shouldn’t expect things to get worse. Instead we should acknowledge what was bad, put it behind us and move on toward greatness. 

I did just that and today’s prompt helped me. I went outside and was inspired by nature!

Being mindful of the beauty to be found in nature was just what I needed to flip the switch on my day.

What will you find in nature today that inspires you?