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Day 5 10DCAC

If you’re following the prompts today, you’ll know why I have Julie Andrews singing in my head. It’s day five and “A Few of My Favorite Things” is the prompt. I’ve had the soundtrack from The Sound of Music going in my head all morning! (Did I just admit something weird, or do other people have a constant soundtrack running through their head each day?)

Tami and I are having so much fun with the prompts and we hope you are too! (Go check out her website.) It’s been inspiring to see your work AND I keep reminding people who haven’t started yet that it’s not too late. It’s really about making time for yourself and your creativity. I love that some people are including things that are “outside the box” when they share how they created for the day. In fact, I think I’ll borrow that idea and find a way to do something with my family for one of the upcoming prompts. Maybe it will be cooking in the kitchen, making cookies, or creating time together.

Of course, there’s always studio time and the magic of waiting to see what comes up on the page. That’s what I love! Can’t wait to see what shows up with #10DCAC today. Go give yourself ten minutes to do something you love…maybe even listen to the original soundtrack to The Sound of Music?