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Seasons and Passions

The perfect opening sentence came to me while I was making coffee this morning. Then I finished making the coffee, bribed the dogs to go outside and grabbed my computer. The mistake was not going straight to Evernote for my blog notes. It was actually automatic pilot. When I opened my web browser, I automatically keyed in the address for webmail. (Yes, I know there are handy-dandy bookmarks, i just choose not to use them because it makes me have to use my brain for an extra second. Clearly this didn’t happen this morning.) So – email opened, junk mail cleared and messages scanned…only one of them was from a friend with sad news.

Opening sentence gone.

Thoughts of loss and grief take over. I sit for a moment in sadness, which leads me back to the original thought.

How? Because I used to be sad at this time of year. I’m a summer girl and fall usually represents the ending of fun and relaxation and the slower rhythm of hot steamy days. I’m even sad to see the leaves fall because the trees look so stark with only their tangled branches showing against the sky. I can see the beauty, but it’s a harder, sharper beauty. Time speeds up, (OK, the feeling of time speeds up) and I jump into the stream of to-do’s and schedules and move within my place in line.

Only this year feels different. I jumped out of line. I’m working full time with my art, blogging, teaching and jewelry making. This time I don’t feel the same sadness. This time I feel a hopefulness coming with the cold and the sharpness. I feel the softness of being cocooned in my studio work. I feel the excitement of working with an online community of people from all over. I feel the excitement of possibility!

Making art has always been important to me and now it’s intertwined even more deeply into my life. I’m thankful and I enjoy sharing this journey with you along the way. What are your passions and how do they fit into your life?

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  • Tami

    Lynne, I am so happy you are following your passions and feeling hopeful! I am loving your blog and website! I am following my passion for all things painty and creative – feeling hopeful for a new adventure in this life. Looking forward to your adventure as well!