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Books & More Books – Let’s Start a Book Club!

One of the things you’ll find in my studio is piles of books.

The books in those piles reflect my varied interests. I’m a big fan of  libraries; no surprise there, since I’ve been a media specialist in my past life. Most of the digital titles and print books in my studio are checked out from the local library. I’ve also become a fan of the interlibrary loan. Who knew we had access to so many great books that are normally hard to find? They’re only a few clicks away…for free! The only caveat is that you have to be in good standing with your library fines – (ahem….go pay your fines!)
Today I’m sharing what’s on my shelf. Who am I kidding, I’m sharing the top of the current piles!
In fact, how do you feel about doing this once a month? We’ll have a book club of sorts. I’ll start out with reviews and tips from the new and old books that I’ve found while perusing the library. (One at a time, I promise.) The subjects? – a sprinkling of art, business, writing and self-help with a smidge of cooking and cleaning. Don’t worry, the cleaning books are mostly for show. They never quite seem to fit my life – with dogs, paint and teenagers.
If you want to know about the book ahead of time, I’ll announce it on Instagram or you can wait for my take on it in this blog.
Happy reading!

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