Everyday Life

Finding Your Voice

This morning I woke up with a light heart! After my morning meditation (that sounds more formal than it is) I came downstairs into my studio and was greeted by this beauty.

Last night I finished Tamara Laporte’s session from the Women Unleashed Online Retreat. I always love her lessons and her style. This year’s session was about finding your voice either when you’re feeling stuck or when you’re looking for your own style. ¬† As usual, Tamara’s gentle guidance included great wisdom and ideas.

I created two spreads in my art journal during this session. One was getting the “junky junk” out to capture phrases and ideas. The second followed her step-by-step to create my mermaid spread. The mermaid spread is pure Tamara, and I love it! It’s clearly not my style, (wouldn’t it be amazing if it were?) There aren’t enough circles in there though! My takeaways? I gained more techniques for drawing faces and figures, something I’ve been drawn to for over 20 years. I suspect I’ll also circle back to the thought spread when I need a reminder about deepening my own art practice.


Thank you Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici¬†and Tamara Laporte for a great session as part of the Woman Unleashed Retreat! If you haven’t tried one of these free online retreats, follow Amber and you’ll get reminders to sign up before they’re offered. There are MANY more sessions included and great takeaways from a variety of offerings.